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El 26 de diciembre de 2004 la vida de la familia de la familia lvarez Bel n dio un vuelco. Ese d a, Mar a y Enrique disfrutaban de sus vacaciones de Navidad en Tailandia junto a sus hijos Lucas, Sim n y Tom s. Cuando lleg la ola del tsunami sus vivencias personales cambiaron para siempre..

Como suele suceder, los progresos alcanzados estarán amenazados si la intensidad de las acciones disminuye. Para evitarlo, hacen falta recursos. Hoy por hoy, “los países con pequeas poblaciones en riesgo siguen recibiendo más dinero por persona que los estados con más población”, seala el informe.

“If my husband, daughter and I all purchased insurance through his employer,” wrote Brenda, a 57 year old woman from the town of North Hills, to Bethany Snyder, who until last May was director of communications at Health Access California, “that amount would be half of his monthly take home pay, leaving very little for food, housing and other essentials.” While her husband was covered through his employer, and their daughter was on another insurance plan, which cost them $161 per month, Brenda herself was unable, because of this, to afford insurance. Instead, she was relying on a cost sharing plan for her medical bills run through Christian Healthcare Ministries. It was better than nothing, but she still wanted, one day, to be able to access proper health insurance..

TE: As a woman encircled every day by the sausage fest that is this male dominated music industry (don’t get me wrong I love sausages and I love my male musical collaborators) I often feel like I have to work twice as hard in order to gain the same respect from the surrounding male audience. One time at a show a guy asked me if I was “fake playing” the 2 synths on which I had just busted my ass off on stage. Before drop kicking him into a choke hold I had recently perfected in kickboxing training (oh yeah I’m also training to be an ultimate fighter) I decided to take it as a sign to just keep blowing peoples minds and eventually they’ll get it.

La mejoría fue inmediata. Apenas unas horas después de la cirugía Sansa despertó y dio sus primeros pasos. Solo tres días después volvió a casa. The instrumentation of this slow, sentimental ballad suggests the sound of the thirties or forties: steel guitar, mandolin, accordion, brushed drums, upright bass. Dylan sings with tender, onomatopoeic phrasing: sun is sinking low / I guess it time to go / I feel a chilly breeze / In place of memories / My dreams are locked and barred / Admitting life is hard / Without you near me. The intriguing rhythmic interplay between the straight vocal line and swinging jazz drums leaves the tune floating in a state of ambiguity.

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